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from the mountain of the shepherd…..an Italian village in Australia


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Living off the land, is a way of life that is slowly diminishing. Life and lifestyles have changed and our lives are moving at a fast pace. Yet, growing up, I was blessed to be a part of a family where I lived and learnt about what life on the land really was. Both my parents grew up this way, lived this way and brought their way of life with them, here to Australia.
This book is a dedication to them and others alike who were villagers, farmers and shepherds. Who lived on the land, who brought their knowledge with them and who taught us the importance of a wholesome existence, the preparation of natural foods and how we
are so connected to the earth. This book is about the methods of food preparation and how these traditions were or were not continued here in Australia. Is is about how I saw it all through my eyes. I am so ever grateful for these gifts that my parents gave me about sharing the fruits of the earth and the gathering around the table.

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